Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mission Accomplished

Today was an exciting day!  I actually took the step of faith that I feel God has been asking me to take.  I submitted all of the paperwork to legalzoom at 10:00 this morning!!!!!

The process works like this:  I submit the information and then legalzoom writes up all the articles of incorporation and legal paperwork.  This takes them about 3 days and then they send it to me to review.  After I review and approve it, they deliver it to the state for acceptance.  Once it is accepted by the state, Hope House becomes an official non profit organization in the state of California!  All of this takes 10-15 days.  So, by the end of July Hope House should be established!!!  

Once it is established we can begin working on getting a bank account and filing for tax exemption.  That process take from 3-6 months to complete.  That will be the next step after the Non profit corporation is established.  

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step... :)

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