Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Bit of a Change

God made it pretty clear to me today after praying about it for a few days, that the direction that I thought Hope House was going, was not exactly what He had in mind.  He gave me a bit more direction and clarity today.  

Rather than Hope House be a last resort for children and their families (it would have been a home for orphaned children without their families), what if it was a place that could help prevent moms from losing their children to the foster care system in the first place? 

Now, Hope House will not be a place just for children (it will be that too), it will be a place where homeless and helpless single moms can come and get short-term residential care for themselves and their children; where they can be trained in life, job, and parental skills to be able to become independent and obtain a job.  This will give them a chance to learn how to make it on their own and hopefully prevent the pain of losing a child to the foster care system.  

Eventually we hope to also build a k-12 private school that goes along with Hope House to provide a Christian education  to the children that come there with their moms.

I found a place that will do all of the paperwork to file with the state and federal government  for half of what the the lawyer would do it for.  So, hopefully tomorrow I will get all of the forms filled out and sent in and the process will be under way! :) 

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