Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A little Hiccup

Legalzoom called me today with 2 issues.  They said they could not move forward with the paperwork because 1: the name I chose (Hope House) has already been taken by someone else in the state of California.  For me to be able to use the name, I have to contact the person already using it, and ask their permission to use it too.  While this is a bummer, I am not worried.  I KNOW that God gave me that name for this place.  He will work it out!  I emailed the other Hope House today and asked permission to use the name too... pray they will be willing to share it with us! :) And 2: I did not yet name my board members.  I have asked two people to pray about being on the board, but I have not officially picked them yet.  Apparently, to be able to file all of the paperwork with the state, you have to have the board members named and chosen.  So, I contacted the two people I asked to pray about it and am waiting to hear back from them.  

Once these little glitches get sorted out, the paperwork will be on its way to the state.  Please continue to pray for these things to be worked out soon and in the way God wants them to be worked out.

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